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Chevan Baker is an entrepreneur and innovator that boasts a reputation as the passionate “go-to guy” to get things done. He is the Founder of the web and mobile development company 1Place4Tech.

His entrepreneurial beginnings date back to early childhood and continued to grow from there. He has always possessed large professional aspirations and is never afraid to take on larger-than-life goals. During his freshmen year of college, he co-founded a tech blog startup that he ran and operated for three years. While in college, he co-developed a patent-pending device for diabetics and is working toward bringing it to the mass market through commercialization options.

Internet Development Agency

Chevan and his childhood friend and co-founder created and developed their internet-based website and mobile development tech startup, 1Place4Tech.

This company focuses on web design, mobile development and design, and maintenance services.


Thermometer Device
Patent Pending

Chevan co-designed and filed a patent for the acclaimed diabetic foot thermometer that was featured in over 150 media publications and was dubbed as “healthcare’s next big bang” by Ebony Magazine. The device was designed with the purpose of helping diabetic patients thwart ulceration complications.

The mat’s simplistic use allows patients to take keep track of their foot temperature which has a direct correlation to blood circulation in that particular limb. This trending data tracking gives physicians a direct window into the patient’s circulation, flagging potential abnormalities and allowing physicians to take the necessary action to prevent an amputation.


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